LOYOLA College

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Welcome to LOYOLA College

Loyola College is a fast developing school in Negombo. Its 61 years old and has 2,157 students on role and 105 members on the staff. It has a branch school at Bopitiya which had its inception on 15th January 2002.

It was earlier situated at Periyamulle, Negombo and shifted to the new location Daluwakotuwa on 27th of September 1995. The late Mr. S.V. Fonseka is the founder Principal and late Mr. Noel Dabarera, Rev.Fr. Leo Perera and Rev.Bro. Thilakasiri Fernando TOR were the other Principals of the school.

To excel in education is our goal. Already we are one of the leading schools in Negombo and determined to be one of the leading schools of the country as well. We focus on over all education and strive to enable students to have a well intergrated personality. Hence emphasis is given to both co-curricular and extra curricular activities in school.

We have been 13 years at this new location, Daluwakotuwa, Negombo. All school buildings are relatively new and have all facilities to aid the teaching-learning process effectively. We believe that we are already in the best category among schools in terms of providing facilities for the teaching-learning process.

Discipline and sports are the two other components that we are focusing on, to achieve our objectives. We wish never be complacent in this regard but strive to do even better in two areas as well.

As St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Patron Saint of our school states, “Do everything for the glory of God and also as our College motto states, “Ad Lumen et Vitam – In truth to light and life,” we would work for a spiritual environment in school. May all Loyolians be ambassadors of peace and love and speak the trvuth in charity and engage in charitable work with a sincere heart.

My grateful thanks go to the tutorial staff of our school for their commitment and dedication and all parents, sponsors and well wishers for the contributions made and all past and present students for their loyalty and eagerness to work for the betterment of the school.

Loyola College Then and Now